We pay out cash money!  (Teammates only)


How would you like to race for FREE?

Here's how it works:

If  you wear your Team ASAP jersey at any Lake Area Runners event (or other select events) and win 1st overall male or female, we will reimburse your race entry fee!*  


Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the rest of the Team, you can still earn money.  We will send out an email a few days before the next event to see who wants to submit their projected time for the race.  Whoever gets closest to their projected time without going under will win their entry fee.  For example, if you tell us your projection for this week's 10k is 40 minutes and you end up running 40:02, you will be pretty close to your projected time.  However, if you run 39:57, you're out, no cash!  This keeps you sand baggers at bay (you know who you are!)  In the unlikely event of a tie, the winners will split the prize money.*


*In order to receive either of these prizes, you must wear your ASAP jersey during the entire race including the awards ceremony.