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The men and women that make it to this level are what urban legends are made of. What makes these folks extreme is the amount of training they invest in, day after day, all year long. They have mastered the skill of balancing an exhaustive training schedule with their families AND their full time jobs. don't get to complete three full iron distance races or three 100 mile races with a minamalist approach to training. While most of these athletes shy away from the spotlight and the local race scene, we occasionally get a glimpse of these elusive creatures.


The requirements for this level are easy:   3 Full Iron Distances or 3 100 mile races (or a combination of both ) in 1 calendar year 

We have a special jersey reserved for the Xtreme category. This jersey will be unlike any other.


                                                                                      That's It! Get up, Get out, Go race!!

Dr. Kyle Slaven

The Great Floridian (full iron distance tri) 2010

Ironman Florida 2011

Ironman Louisville 2013

Ironman Louisville 2014                    

Ironman Chattanooga 2014             

Ironman Florida 2014

Ironman Chattanooga 2015


Hells Hills 50 miler 2011

Wild Hare 50 miler 2011

Rouge Orleans Solo 126.2  2012

Mississippi Trail 50k 2012

Cajun Coyote 100 miler 2012

Cajun Coyote 100k 2013


Hotter Hell Hundred 2010

Hotter Hell Hundred 2011

Kyle McMillin

Ironman Texas 2013

Ironman Texas 2014





Ironman Texas 2015

Ironman Boulder 2015

Ironman Florida 2015

Ironman Cozumel 2015

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